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Yoga Teacher Training

Start the JOURNEY - deepen your Yoga practice!


    Start the JOURNEY - deepen your Yoga practice!

Yoga is a fluid exploration of the self through movement, meditation and attention to breath.

Life’s about making connections and the study of Yoga is a way, a path, a journey of connecting– first to the self and, ultimately, through gained wisdom and insight, to the world around us.

Whether you are interested in becoming a Yoga teacher or just wish to enhance your knowledge of the Yogic path, this training program will be for you!



The program is led by Cathy Valentine who is a 200 hour certified Yogi with over 20 years of teaching experience. Her style has often been referred to as a mix of skill and spirit as each of her classes combines the physical challenge of Yoga asanas with a spiritual undertone, creating what has been referred to as an “alluring” experience.

Her love of Eastern philosophy, spirituality and understanding of anatomy are all weaved skillfully into her teachings. By combining these skills with the ancient teachings of Yoga, Cathy’s goal is to encourage her students to find insight and answers to life’s deeper questions.

In this training you will learn to artfully create a class sequence and teach asanas skillfully. You will be prepared to develop safe and sensible yoga classes for all levels of competency. You will learn to accurately observe students’ bodies and assist them into optimally aligned asanas through the use of words, basic hands-on adjustments, modifications and use of props.



By making yoga enjoyable and empowering, Zentral Station offers Workshops that are uniquely designed for a wide variety of skill sets. Our Workshops integrate yoga poses (asanas) and breathwork as part of our holistic technique. You will thank yourself for joining us!

Yoga Class
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